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HILO : Au Pair versus Student Visa for France?

Número de Mensajes : 1 / Último Mensaje Situado : 10-June-2010

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Tema : Au Pair versus Student Visa for France?
De : USA (nmresendes@gmail.com)
Fecha : 10-June-10

Hi! I don't know how active this place is, but I will try. I've been having trouble finding some definitive information and I'm hoping some of you can help, with experience or pointing me in the direction of info.

I'm an American talking with a family in France right now. They mentioned something about getting a 'working student' visa instead of an 'au pair' visa because of some subsidies they could get from the government. They are just looking into it from their end and asked me to look into it from mine. A pro and con list or something. I know that, as an American, I have to take 8-10 hours of french lessons for an au pair visa, so I'm trying to compare that to the student one.

So the questions are - have any of you gotten a student visa instead of an au pair visa? - How many hours of class do you have to sign up for with a student visa? - Does it cost any extra on my end? - Can I get into a school even if I've graduated college? - Do I have to take more than just french classes?

--I've heard that some universities are only 300¬ a year? This seems odd to me....True?

Any info you have would be great. I've been looking everywhere and unfortunately there aren't any really active au pair forums I could ask.




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