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HILO : Looking for aupair-friend in Abruzzo

Número de Mensajes : 2 / Último Mensaje Situado : 04-September-2009

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Tema : Looking for aupair-friend in Abruzzo
De : Alexandra (alexandr_aa@hotmail.com)
Fecha : 27-June-09

Hi! My name is Alexandra, I just started working as an au apir in Abruzzo and I'm looking for some friends to hang out with in the mornings or nights.

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Tema : Looking for aupair-friend in Abruzzo
De : Tawnie (tawnfehlman@yahoo.com)
Fecha : 04-September-09

halelujia!! I didn't think there was anyone else in abruzzo. welp i just got here a week ago but i am already bored out of my mind. I am in pescara. where are you? we need to get together sometime. I don't know any italian yet, so I haven't made any friends.



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